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Low cost demolition

With land in many areas being worth more than the bricks and mortar that sit on it, self build projects have become very popular across the South of England.
  Select materials have devised a low cost demolition plan to cater for self build/demolition projects.
  House Demolition costs do vary depending on size and amount of material to be taken away. You may be surprised though at a select materials House Demolition quote, it will not be as much as you are expecting.

Low cost house demolition
To keep costs down you need a sure fire way of executing the demolition and this is what we do at Select Materials. You can be assured that all the materials removed from site will go to the right place. Our method is tried and tested over many years which make our process of house demolition very smooth and efficient. So no hidden costs.

Demolition recycling is where much of the cost can be saved. A large portion of house demolition used to be sent to sent to landfill, this has now become expensive due to raise in landfill tax over the past two years. This factor has forced the demolition industry to move in another direction, leaning more towards recycling and reuse of materials
  Demolition recycling is now a fine art, and if nor performed properly will add huge overall cost to the project.

Select Materials Demolition Offers:
Site clearance: of existing sites ( removal of green waste, Japanese knotweed, any rubbish that may have been dumped, asbestos removal, removal of electrical cable, pipe and sewer removal, topsoil strips).
The demolition of existing buildings and outhouses. This can be from a small detached to a large office block with a basement, driveways and ground excavation. Industrial and retail strip outs,
Nationally recognized as one of the leading authorities in the industry. Select Materials house demolition program has become very popular within the UK construction industry. Our cost effective plan makes it cheaper and quicker to demolish a house thus increasing profit right at the outset of your project.
With many of our contracts being carried out in densely populated areas we have had to fine tune our demolition process to run in parallel and in harmony with the surroundings and the local community.
Health & Safety: Select Materials house demolition, fully factor in the importance of the consideration for its workers and the surrounding population. This recognition is the foundation of our house demolition technique and is of ultimate importance to us and you.

Demolition: What goes where?
To understand a little more about your demolition project, and to give you a better insight into the brakedown of cost.
Demolition Salvage: There are quite a few items in a house that have some value in the second hand market and other itemes can be reused ( fireplaces, baths, staircases, doors, bricks ) this may not be the case in every home.
Bricks or Harcore: Not all houses are made from brick and even those that are may not be salvagable. The most desired brick is the stock, but these are few and far between, and even if your house is made of them, saving them may not be possible. The reason for this is usually the motar between the bricks being to strong, which makes the bricks almost impossible to clean.
Once the decision has been made that the bricks cannot be saved then it is time to demolish the structure. After the structure is down the demolition will leave a pile of bricks and mortar, known as HARDCORE,
Hardcore can be used for a variety of things (hall roads, hard standings, piling mats) you may even have one of these in you project, if you have it is important to inform the demolition contractor that you would like to keep the material on site, this in turn will reduce the overall cost of your demolition project.


Give one of our team members a call and get a free quote for your demolition project.
With the housing market back on the up in 2010 the is plenty of money to be made, and if you are thinking of starting your own property development project you will need to you will need to get your demolition contractor in place.

Select Materials demolition branch are very experienced in all types of demolition, this gives us a great advantage over many other contractors, our service is swift and smooth which reflects in the cost as you will see.
  We also have a wide range of modern plant that can be used to recycle the materials that will be removed from site.

What is you find contamination on your site?
As with many house demolition sites contamination of the ground or removal of oil tanks etc can be encountered. It is not as problematic as you think. Due to the fact that Select Materials is also a registered waste carrier we can remove items like these from you house demolition without any problem. It is important that you get a detailed ground investigation report and should there be any indication of fuel tanks you may want to have a chemical analysis test performed. I would saynonly one in any 200 buildings that we demolish has such issues and they are in rurual areas.

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