Land Remediation

What is land remediation?

Select Materials take unusable pieces of land, sometimes contaminated and sculpts them into a more visually pleasing landscape this process is also called land restoration. These areas are built up initially using construction waste (not rubbish) mainly the soil and earth that is removed from excavated foundations for new houses and extensions. The material is delivered by use of tipper and grab lorry to the site.
The site location is usually privately owned land that has the need to be restored or reinstated. Our team then move in with heavy plant to sculpt the landscape and leave the site ready to be seeded. There are also other circumstances where earth levels/ land remediation can be raised one of them is to reduce noise levels (around, airports, railway lines, motorways and busy roads). This earth raising technique is called a noise attenuation bund (sound bund) and they are fairly easy to construct...
Planning permission needs to be acquired for any works of this nature, and planning with be granted if the local council agree that noise is above the accepted level or that the land is unsightly and land remediation is required..
If you have this problem/situation then call one of our team on 01932 232 777

Land raising is also another service of select materials . This simply means adding soil or earth moving to bring soil levels to an agreed height, once again planning permission is required, for any soil raising or land level raising.

Can I raise the levels of my land? Can I have a sound bund created?

The answer to these questions will depend on where your land is situated and/or whether you situation regarding noise pollution, or unsightly/unusable land qualifies. In most situations your personal wellbeing or that of your livestock (horses, cows, sheep) will be a major consideration, noise pollution in many case studies has been found to result in poor health in both humans and animals. For more information on this subject, please contact one of our team on 01932 232 777.

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