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This part of construction can be the most expensive, so it's important that you get it right.

  Over the past few years the envionment agency has paid particular attention to what we put into landfill. Why ? It has been discovered that simple elements of waste can have a negative affect on the land used for waste disposal (the land that our chidren will almost certainly be living in).Particles of concrete ,tarmac, petrolium residues ,green waste (tree roots, bushes, plants etc) can imidiately start to disolve into the ground water being drawn further out from the point of contamination when the ground starts to dry.
Q . How can i reduce my cost of muckaway?
A. Separate out your materials if you are mucking away in volume.

  •  .Soil - Landfill or if good enough send it to be recycled into topsoil.
  •  Green Waste - use a 20 or 40 yrd green waste bin
  •  Hardcore / rubble - recycle into crushed concrete.
    • Select Materials prices for Muckaway £180 + vat approx

        Muck Away: This term means clean/inert spoil to be removed from site. The spoil usually soil but can contain some brick or concrete is usually taken to a landfill site providing that there is no other use for it.

      The term inert implies that there are no active or dangerous chemicals in the waste, if there are then the waste will have to be taken to another type landfill site for dangerous waste. This type of muck away would be called contaminated muck away.

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