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Topsoil Surrey

Select Materials BS3882 topsoil

Here at Select Materials we produce topsoil to meet the NHBC specification. All new builds that import soil must have a certification "BS3882". We belive the quality and price of our soil to be the most competetive in the South.

Should your soil not need to be certified we offer you an alternative economy grade soil screened down to 10mm or 20 mm.This can be used for planting or turfing.

For a copy of our latest soil analysis please call one of our sales team on 01932 232 777
Topsoil Surrey: Select Materials topsoil is primarily made for the UK construction industry. We also deliver for home DIY projects in smaller loads. Our topsoil is certified to a BS3882 certificate.
What is a BS3882 certification? And does it mean?
In simple terms British Standard 3882 states that the topsoil meets a certain criteria of quality. The topsoil will have a basic chemical analysis, a plant nutrient analysis, stone content, plus a visual description. This gives an industry standard platform for us all to work from and lets us know that the topsoil is suitable for general purpose.
High Quality premium topsoil:As well as Bs3882 general purpose topsoil, you can also purchase higher premium grade topsoil, but don’t be fooled; most of our customers don’t actually need it. Premium quality is a bit of a myth. I would only recommend premium grade topsoil if your plants require special nutrients, and some do, so you need to investigate what your plants require before spending your money.
Topsoil delivery: Select Materials can deliver topsoil from I cubic meter to 15 cubic meters. The smaller loads will be delivered on a small truck and can carry up to; this will be able to fit into the average driveway. The larger loads of topsoil will be delivered in an eight wheel tipper and can carry up to 15 cubic meters and up to twenty eight tons will be delivered on an artic.

There are a few topsoil suppliers in the UK some better than others , some chaeper tham others. But rest assured Select Materials will deliver the right material at the right prices.